Friday, March 14, 2008

Workaround: Infragistics column chart with columns having same height

As I told you here, the Infragistics NetAdvantage has pretty much bugs almost on every release. Considering the NetAdvantage 7.x releases, it is not possible to render column charts with all columns having same heights.

Here is a workaround for this issue provided by Infragistics:


private void ultraChart1_FillSceneGraph(object sender, Infragistics.UltraChart.Shared.Events.FillSceneGraphEventArgs e)


    IAdvanceAxis y = e.Grid["Y"] as IAdvanceAxis;

    if (y != null)


        this.ultraChart1.Axis.Y.RangeMin = 0;

        this.ultraChart1.Axis.Y.RangeMax = (double)y.Maximum;

        this.ultraChart1.Axis.Y.RangeType = AxisRangeType.Custom;



The only problem with it is that works only with NetAdvantage 7.3 or newer, because starting with this release Infragistics provides the FillSceneGraph event which is used.
Infragistics Ultrachart Infragistics Ultrachart

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